Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today I'm doing a day without shoes.
You can find out more about it here
Its to raise awareness of the 40% of people in the world who don't have shoes.
And for that reason they get disease, sometimes dies and young kids cant even go to school.
Feel free to join in!


Candid Phobic said...

oh wow this is great! if only i could do that here...unfortunately its really hot outside so i couldn't possibly walk barefoot :-/ but i will even for a few minutes when i get home...

Nanx said...

that's so cool you did that more people should! I'm going to introduce this to my school we also do a lot of things every month to help the people in africa or somewhere else

Anonymous said...

Hey, a lot of people here are going barefoot too! I love your blog. I must say your bucket list is so cute.