Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And then the clouds opened up...

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I'm not a huge fan of walmart,
due to the fact that there are little kids right now over seas being forced to work seven days a week, fourteen hours a day for MAYBE thirteen cents and hour to make things we buy for low prices.
I needed to print out some pictures
but my mother was low on cash and had a gift card for walmart
so we went there to get them printed.
It took an hour so we went to get something to eat and came back
With twenty minutes to spare I looked through the books.
I found "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks..
Seeing how I had gone to Barnes and Noble looking for another Nicholas Sparks book but they only have his books that are out in movies right now
"Dear John" (already finished)
"The Last Song" (will finish now that I have another book to read after I'm done)
So happy to have a new book.
My Nicholas Sparks goal is still in action.
Am I the only person who wont finish reading a book until I buy a new one because I hate the feeling of being bookless?

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Cole said...

I LOVE N. Sparks! I've read all of his books. I think A Bend in the Road and The Choice were two of my favorites. The Last Song was great but it was tough because the movie was made and I kept picturing Miley Cyrus as the girl. :/