Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The last two days I have been at the Houston Rodeo.
There are a lot of things I hate about growing up here,
but the rodeo isn't one of them.
The first night me and my mom went to see Lady Antebellum.

They did amazing.
I didn't think it could get any better than that.
The next day we went back and stayed at the carnival all day
and went to see the animals before the concert started.

They had camel rides... How cool is that?

He likes his ears scratched.

We went to see Keith Urban last night.

He was so amazing! I cant even explain how amazing! He jumped off the stage went all the way around the field, shook everyone's hands, then he jumped the fence, when into the audience, out ran his body guards and did all this while playing guitar.

It's safe to say my love for him has grown.


I have more pictures but these are the unedited ones. I didn't feel like editing pictures yet, i'm pooped!


Sarah said... fun!
I LOVE Lady Antebellum...especially "I Need You Now"...been listening to it NONSTOP!

JMay said...

This looks so much fun!