Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mr. Famous

Sometimes I get a kick out of the fact I have the same kind of dog Audrey Hepburn had.
Maybe I should had named Harley, Mr. Famous.
No, I like Harley.
But I cant wait to get a bike with a basket so me and Harley can ride around like Audrey and Mr. Famous.


the midnight bloom said...

do u have a pic of harley?



emilia. said...

I love yorkies. I have one.. Her name is Lacey Maybelle. Mr. Famous is the cutest name ever.
I love Audrey too!
And your blog!
Yippee. :)


Melina said...

I love this picture of Audrey! Mr. Famous looks so cute in the bike basket. Isn't it cool that Audrey's bike has her name printed on it? I want that!