Friday, March 5, 2010


Maybe sometimes when I'm alone I put my feet in first position and my arms bra bas and I close my eyes and I can feel a sudden chill like an empty stage feels in the moment before a curtain raises and I can feel the presence of a large audience.

Maybe I got my "one line a day" diary because I hate to write novels in my journals every night but now that I have it I wish I had more room to write.

Maybe I wish I was better at pool.

Maybe I wish I was better at a lot of things.

Maybe I wish I had more blog followers.

Maybe I don't understand why the lovely people that read my blog do.

Maybe I like the way my stomach looks, in certain lighting.

Maybe I really want to be reading the book that is sitting next to me but I just bring myself to turn off my computer yet.

Maybe I have slept with one blanket since the fourteenth of September of this past year, no matter where I've stayed, even when I go to a friends house to spend the night, its always with me.

Maybe I don't know what my exact style is, maybe I like the fact that I don't have just one style.

Maybe my favorite thing about myself is I never doubt myself, even if it is impossible. If I say I'm going to do something I cant even imagine a future without me doing it. I don't always do the work to get what I want, but I still never doubt myself.

Maybe I like to be different. and maybe I do things sometimes just to feel different from the average everyday girl. Like getting my motorcycle license this year.

Maybe I think the young Chevy Chase was a hunk!

Maybe I love chocolate ice cream, but I love vanilla ice cream with Hershey chocolate syrup on it is better.

Maybe I wish I had more to say, but I don't right now

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