Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dream House

to some people it may seem strange for a dream house but I love this. I want a huge old house. Maybe a little rickety but I think it adds to its character. I would love to rebuild it! Repaint, and redo the floors and walls and put in new windows... everything. I love projects and knowing me, I like things MY way. Even if I buy a house that was just refurnished... I'm bound to want to redo it.

What would you're dream house look like?


Sarah said...

Wow...this house is beautiful. I especially love the glass "tower" at the top. Looks like something from a fairytale.
My dream house would be in the English countryside...not too large, but not tiny, would have a library with shelves from floor to ceiling and would have a huge garden.

Emily Ogg said...

I happen to LOVE it too! Our house is old but that's why I like it so much. I love something that has some character to it. I don't like plain.