Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Day, eh?

Normally, I'm all about positivity.
But today, I'm just not feeling it.
Probably has something to do with the fact that I haven't slept in two days and finally dosed off around 9:30 this morning on the couch and was having the best sleep of my life,
until some random couple start banging (not knocking!)
on my front door.
Of course I don't answer it,
(maybe I watch too many crime shows but hey, I haven't been murdered, raped, or sold into slave labor yet, so I think I'm in good shape!)
I immediately jump up,
(I'm used to having to unlock the door for my mother)
and then realize it wasn't her, so I grabbed Harley and went to the back room where he wouldn't bark at them.
I didn't know if the people worked here and our apartment complex isn't a fan of yappy dogs!
I realized they slid a paper in the door and it turns out it was a flyer that wasn't even in English!
I woke from my beautiful slumber, woke my dog (which was a headache and a half because for the next twenty minutes he wanted to whine because now that he was awake he wanted to play {while I'm still half asleep}).

I was so angry I couldn't see straight and now I've been awake for hours since then and cannot seem to get back to sleep!
Thanks for the dang flyer that I cant even read random couple!!! urg!
In order to get my frustration out I've decided to name the things that annoy me the most.
Its called my List of Irritations.
Feel free to join in and make your own!

1. Nickelback
Smaller Pictures, Images and Photos

Besides the obvious fact that the lead singers voice literally makes me want to commit suicide and the thought of being poked in the eye sounds more appealing then even listening to half of one of there songs, they've also been booed off stage numerous times, every well known music magazine hasn't "gently" dissed them but majorly scared them, they lip sync AND the only one of the band mates you even hear when you pick up the CD is the lead singer, they hire someone else to record the music... To me, I personally think they give music a bad name...

Why are the so popular?

2. Peep hole looker backers!

Nothing enrages me more than to hear a knock at my door, go to look out the peep hole to see who it is and only seeing an eye staring back at me trying to look into my house to see if I'm on the other side of the door! Its MY peep hole to make sure YOU are not an axe murder! So back the heck up! I despise it when people to that, even if they are just trying to be funny or something. Its stupid and it really irritates me.

3. People who look over my shoulder!

This annoys me above all else! (well, kinda).

People who look/ read over my shoulder. If you do it longer than five seconds I WILL say something! And I wont be nice about it. I've been known to last seven seconds. If you make it that long, you should be happy to be alive

4. One word texts

I could not find a picture for this but seriously!? Am I the only one? I'd much rather you not write me back at all, or write me back at a later time than to send me a text just saying "lol" or "k". If you don't have time to focus enough on our conversation to even put a tiny sentence together I'd much rather just not hear from you at all.

5. People who let there super young, bratty kids disrespect adults and do not say anything.

Need I say more?

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Audrey said...

I laughed out loud at your peep hole rant. I'm jealous. A peep hole would be fantastic. Luckily I have a window next to my door to check out potential house enterers, but they can totally see me pull apart the blinds. ;)