Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Today I wish I was doing what their doing in the picture above.
I am not. I am spending the day with my mother, and grandmother as well when she gets here from her drive in from Oklahoma.
To celebrate Valentine's Day I thought I would list the things I love.
Seeing how this is my favorite holiday :)
I love God; He always pulls me out of hard situations and he is constantly opening up doors for me.
I love my mother; She has done such a good job raising me.
I love the rest of my family; I kinda have the best, funniest, family around.
I love Johnny Depp; I just couldn't go without saying something about him.
I love Flowers; there just gorgeous.
I love cuddling into my comfy bed when I can barely keep my eyes open;
hmmm... it makes me wish it was bed time already.
I love dreaming;
I'm constantly dreaming. Whether its day dreaming (which is what I love to do most) or its dreaming in my sleep. I LOVE dreaming. Maybe one day I'll actually put my dreams into action.
What do you love?

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