Monday, February 22, 2010

This Weeks Celebrity Crush: Matthew Gray Gubler

If you know me you will know that my favorite show is "Criminal Minds" (along with other criminal shows)
And through the years I've grown to love Matthew,
his slightly nerdy, boy-ish, personality and looks.
I love his adorable looks, style and I love his voice, I don't know why but it puts me at ease.
A lot of people don't know that he has been a model for Marc Jacobs, Burberry, & Louis Vuitton.
It doesn't really surprise me because he KNOWS how to dress!
He also is a writer, director, producer, and pretty much everything.
I adore him!


Sarah said...

I like Criminal Minds too, and I've never thought of him like that I've seen these pictures, I realize that he IS pretty hot!

Robyn Allegra said...

Okay, I'm assuming you know the whole premise of that song "Killing Me Softly." Well you're not killing me, but I definitely agree with every single thing you said in this blog entry. So I thought I'd let you know! :-)

By the way, have you been to Matthew's website? I recently visited the Radio section. I won't say anymore--you just have to visit it for yourself! :-D gublerland