Friday, February 5, 2010

From the Worst Blogger in Blogland

Hey guys!
I know I said I'd be back last month but..
I wasn't!
I've just been waiting for a new camera, which I still have yet to get.
This blog was kind of like a pictorial diary for me.
It just seems so boring to write without being able to show you.
I miss blogging so much it is hard to stay away and I knew I had to share the movie I watched last night with my blogging friends!
It was truely beautiful,
It shows love like most people never know, and the images the director created were simply brilliant!
It was based on the love between NOW famous poet, John Keats and his bright star, Fanny Brawne.
After I watched it I just wanted to lay in fields of flowers, wear only dresses and fill my room with butterflies!
And the soundtrack was beautiful
It is one of those movies though, I fear only I would like.
Like one of those movies that everyone else hates yet I seem some sort of beauty in it that was maybe not even intented.
So if you loved it as well please tell me, so I don't feel like a loser!
If you love it you should also check out the serious Emma.
Based on Jane Austins book entitled "Emma".
I have read the book and watched the movies but I absolutely love the series.
If you don't have the channel it plays one (like me!) you can watch it online here
Well my blogging companions, I bid you adieu.
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"Dear John"
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Trying to finish at least one of my books and mastering the art of crocheting a granny square... Not working out
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Phoenix - 1901
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Red Diamond sweet tea! Ym!
Current time:
7am. Been up since 5am... I could be sleeping so well right now...
I guess my body actually wants me to be productive today

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