Friday, August 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I am home :)
I got home last night and me and my mother went to look at an apartment we hope to be moving into, went to the movies to see "The Ugly Truth", got chick-fil-a, ice cream, and some groceries.
I've miss her so much.
We are going to chill at her house tonight (I've missed her family as well, and her mom's burritos!)
tomorrow she has a family reunion around noon that she wants me to go with her too.
Then after we are going to come to my house and have a candle lite dinner on my terrace.
Its the last sleepover I'll probably have in this apartment.
I'm excited to be moving though.
Then Sunday we are going the galleria for shopping and lunch then to the movies :)

Our neighbors were playing "Sweet home Alabama" earlier really loud and I was dancing around like a nerd, it was the best.
going to take a shower and get ready to drive to Rach's with my mom.

Later guys

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