Sunday, July 5, 2009

*smiles & frowns*

I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July.
Me and mother went to one of her friends from church's mansion on the water and watched the fireworks.
It was quite beautiful.
Rach ended up not being able to go because she got a fever and her mother wanted to take her to the doctor.
Now the excitement of the fourth is over, its time to get ready to go to Mexico!!!!!!!!
Which I'm NOT excited about!
Don't get me wrong, I cant WAIT for the trip.
But the packing/ laundry/ last minute thing I have to take care of is SO not fun.
Leaving tonight and going to the church for a meeting at 6pm then spending the night with Rach and bright and early Monday morning (at 5am) we will be on our way.
I'm quite excited.
Now to take care of the pre-trip things...

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