Thursday, April 2, 2009

April the first

WARNING: long, but a must read.

So I decided to spend a few days with one of my besties, Rachel. Her parents and brother are out of town for a couple of weeks an she was EXTREMELY bored. Being home all by yourself can do that to you. We have been making youtube video's lately and decided we wanted to do a kinda creepy one. We were gonna put pillowcases over our face's and do a kinda "The Strangers" thing. There is a big, open EXTREMELY creepy piece of land behind her house. That is surrounded by woods. So me and her decided tonight we were going to film it there, after dark. Wait till it was nice and creepy. Well I had never seen "The Strangers". I'm not big on scary movies anymore. I used to be addicted to them but these days it just doesn't feel right watching them. So we waited until dark and put the movie in. We watched it. It wasn't near as bad as I thought. I kinda enjoyed it. It wasn't demonic or too dumb or overly scary. So we get done and she had been trying to scary me all night. But I know her pretty well so I knew it was coming but it didn't stop me from screaming. So I was nice and on edge when we decided to go outside and film. I was talking on the phone to a friend while I walked back there. It was extremely scary. You could hear the breeze blow through the trees. Not alot of light because this is like the SMALLEST town EVER. There was a small bit of red light coming from the fire that had been burning in her backyard all day, There neighbors used there backyard to burn things in because there was so much extra room. Plus they have a really nice backyard with flowers beds and they don't want anything to catch on fire or anything. Once we got out there she was insistant that I get off the phone so we could film. Which I completely agreed with her. It was hard enough holding a flashlight that kept flickering and my mask while I was talking on the phone. I didn't want to try it with filming too. Right when we got off the phone I got a call from this strange number. I normally don't answer numbers I don't know but due to my recent endeavor I was feeling kinda brave and anything to save me from the silence of this dark field that was scarying the crap out of me. I had been telling her how freaked out I was and how I wanted to go back in the house. But Rachel rarely listens to me about that stuff. She just calls me a scardy cat (coming from the girl who has never and is to frightened to wrap a house). So I just kept going. So I got this call from a strange number and answered and said "Hello?". Then the absolutely creepiest voice replyed "Hi Brooke, I see you." it went on to describe what I was wearing and where I was. and OF COURSE I hung up. I was frozen with fright. I was thinking of ANYONE that could be pulling this prank on us. I stood there. I was thinking so hard I got a headache.Rachel was yelling at me telling me we need to start filming and then she looks at me and says "what?". I explain what I heard. She seemed to be quiet frightened too. She started telling me "Don't joke around Brooke. I know your joking." I couldn't stand it I was freaked out and I didn't want to be there anymore. I decided to call the number back. It went straight to voicemail. The voicemail sounded COMPLETELY different than the person I talked to. Like a teenage boy saying "Hey this Ryan ect." At this point I was like this has to be a joke. What Ryan do I know that knows where I am and what i'm wearing. Seeing how nothing i'm wearing even belongs to me lol. I couldn't think of anyone. And the voice that was on the voicemail didn't sound like anyone I knew. I couldn't help but think the worst. I couldn't help but be frightened. Rachel seemed scared herself looking around her flashing her flashlight everywhere. All the sudden I heard her scream. I look and she is pointing to the woods. Saying, "I swear I saw something, I swear I saw something". I start backing up, getting closer to the house. She trys to stop me and at this point I wasn't going to listen to her. She got me into this. It was her idea, whether it was a joke or not, I wanted to be behind doors with locks. At this point, even after knowing that this was some kids voicemail I was freaking out. The number calls me again. I answer. The person on the other line with the creepiest voice I had ever heard said, "I can see you." It said more, but I was so stuck in a state of shock that I wasn't really listening, nor do I remember what I said in return. I remember hanging up and looking at Rachel and saying, "I hope you know what you've gotten me into". She looks at me with a terrified look on her face and just starts running. I was infront of her so i took the lead. My knees where so heavy I almost fell plenty of times. I heard a thud and saw that she fell but quickly jumped back up. Somehow she got infront of me and we were running like maniacs. Right now I know your saying man, This sounds like its straight out of a horror story. Let me continue, So we get to the door. I quickly shut it and lock it behind me. I felt much more safe but I still couldn't stop my heart from beating out of my chest. We went straight to her parents bedroom. The most well lite place in the house. We lock that door behind us and fall on the bed exhausted and she keeps going on about how she saw something and then all the sudden my phone starts ringing. I look at her. I know she already knows who it is so I knod my head. She started yelling at me "pick up, yell at him, ask him what he wants, ect." I was trying to calm her down but she wouldn't so the call was missed. I heard a wierd noise coming from my phone and realized he had left a voicemail here is was it said"Brooke, I want you on the phone. I can see right now, your wearing an Anahuac hoodie from the high school (exactly what I was wearing). I want you to come out to the shed behind Rachel's house and I want to you *something, I didn't really understand this part because his voice was super deep and grainy* only then will you two live.".as the message ended my phone started making the call waiting sound. I answered. Dude, What the HELL!? He repeats that he wants me to come to the shed behind Rachel's house. I stood there, not knowing what to say or do. Just staring at Rachel. Who looked EXTREMELY frightened and was freaking out because she didn't think I locked the door. Knowing there was no one anywhere near us that could help and if something happened no one would find us till two days later, when her parents got home. I then looked in the mirror that was right infront of me, that Rachel was standing next to and just stared at myself. Then something came to me. So I said "there is no shed behind Rachel's house". and the voice on the other side started cracking up! I looked up and Rachel's face had changed, she was now smiling at me. All the sudden she said "April Fools". And this is why I hate April Fools day. lol. I'm currently planning my revenge.
any idea's?

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